About Naitei Bridge



  • 国際人財への就労コンサルティング
  • 国際人財採用企業へのコンサルティング
  • 留学生機関(日本語学校、専門学校、大学等)への留学生就労コンサルティング
  • 企業、学校機関、大使館等での講演、セミナー活動

会社概要 About Naitei Bridge

社名 Company name
内定ブリッジ株式会社 Naitei Bridge Co., Ltd.

本社 Head Office
5F Resona Kudan Building, 1-5-6 Kudanminami,
102-0074 Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan

電話番号 Tel

代表取締役 Founder
淺海 一郎 Ichiro Asami

500万円 5,000,000 Yen

創業 2010年4月
Founded in April 2010
設立 2017年8月
Established in August 2017


Human Resource Business License: 13-ユ-309189
(Permitted by Minitsry of Health, Labour and Welfare, Japan)

About Naitei Bridge

In 2017, "Naitei Bridge” was founded as an employment consulting firm specializing in international human resources. Expanding on the support offered by human resource agencies, we offer assistance for overseas employment, specific activity visas, engineering visas and family visas, but also for permanent visas, highly skilled professional visas and corporate transfer visas. We have been providing support for over 400 people from 32 countries. 

We also offer consulting services for educational institutions who wish to support international students through the employment process (Japanese language schools, vocational schools, universities, etc.), consulting services for companies who wish to hire and retain foreign talent, as well as conduct seminars at embassies, etc.

In order to attract and maintain highly skilled international human resources, we believe that the current “one-time support” system that only deals with the hiring process is not sufficient. We are proposing the need for follow-up support in order to understand the needs of foreign employees and guide them through the different steps of their careers.

  • Consulting for foreigners who are seeking jobs in Japan
  • Consulting for companies seeking to hire foreigners
  • Consulting for educational institutions with international students seeking employment (Japanese language schools, vocational schools, universities, etc.) 
  • Lectures and seminars at companies, educational institutions, embassies, etc.