Manager Director of Naitei Bridge

Ichiro Asami

International Human Resourses Consultant

61ヶ国の外国人への日本語教育実績を持つ、国際人財就労支援と社内日本語コミュニケーション研修のスペシ ャリスト



日本貿易振興機構(JETRO)新輸出大国コンソーシアム、エキスパート。教師歴約20年。明治大学政治経済学部在学中、交換留学生の支援ボランティアや、保護観察中の少年少女 と接するボランティア活動(法務省提携)に携わる。その後、日本語教育業界にて61カ国約1,000名の留学生、会社員、会社役員を担当。国内採用だけでなく 海外採用人財への日本語研修を数多く行う一方、年間で約500名の欧米、アジア圏人財へ就労支援を行っている。また日本語教育や就労支援の現場で集めた外国人財の声をデータとして集計し、「日本での働き方セミナー」として海外大学、国内大学、地方自治体、大使館などで講演活動を行いつつ、企業向けにはJETRO、東京商工会議所などを通して、外国人財採用や外国人財の社内マネジメントについて、講演やワークショップ、コンサルティングを行っている。

Ichiro Asami :

Born in Tokyo in 1979.

Japan External Trade Corporation (JETRO), a major export consortium expert; with a teaching record spanning 20 years. During his time in Meiji University majoring in Political Science, he was involved in volunteer support for youngsters in juvenile (in association with Ministry of Justice). Thereafter, entering the language teaching industry, he took charge of approximately 1,000 students ranging from international exchange students, corporate professionals from about 61 countries.

what we do :

While providing Japanese language training and domestic recruitment for foreigners, Naitei Bridge promotes employment support to approximately 500 people both of Western and Asian originated countries. In addition, we compile data given to us by Japanese Education boards, Employment Support Institutions, local and foreign universities, local governments, embassies etc. which is then collated and presented in a seminar “The Way of Working in Japan” . JETRO (which Naitei Bridge is working in affiliation with) is aimed towards gearing corporations, Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and many other institutions with advice, workshops, consulting on internal management & employment of foreign personnel.